Bowling Gallery


The bowling is a puppet play, I play since the 19th century, the elderly and young alike.


The bowling alley length of 18.3 meters and a width of 107 cm.


The plastic pieces are numbered 1-10-up and their size is defined. 

(Height: 38.1 cm, weight: between 1.5-1.6 kg)


The bowling ball diameter of 21.6 cm and weighs up to 7.25 kg.

The trick is to be sure there are holes in the finger-long bullets.

Our tracks in 8 different weight and size of balls located, Use standard but his own balls allowed.


The two solution paths exist, corded and cordless version. Our levels, a corded


We expect the bowling the best results?

The 10-pin bowling, if you roll a strike was, you hit a perfect 300 results.


Who was the youngest and the oldest throwing 300 ?

The youngest 300 pitcher was 11 , the oldest 80-year-old Guinness Book of Records, according to.


The largest bowling alley in Bowling Fukuyama Japan has 144 career is under one roof.

In America, most of the 106 courts, while in Hungary the course of eight maximum.


Team competition must have many players?

Amateur Team competition must be five persons, including at least two women. 

National team races to take part in a 4 person team, which must be at least one woman.