Bowling Gallery

The bowling group and can be played individually.

(Group 4 --- 8 people comfortable and lively playing a track.)


It is to be made of ten field and a field we have two options to throw.




If the pieces of a gurításból devastated - this is called strikenak - then the result of the next two putt is automatically added to the storage of results.


In case you decide your second puppets - this is spare - only added to the result of the next roll plus scores.




The result is recorded in the computation of:




If you can not bring down two tosses of a coin either all 10 pieces (of wood), the number of dropped pins (trees) the value of the field.


Spare you call (symbol /) when you applied your 10 piece (of wood) with two tosses of a coin. These fields will result in the subsequent putt added.


Strike called a signal (X) when the first shunting knocks down all 10 machine. There is no need for the second putt.


This field is added to the result of the next two putt well.




If a player fulfills perfectly the 10th field, then you can get one called. "Bónuszdobást"


is an event of a strike the mean plus two spare roll event.




(A maximum of 300 results can be achieved as to the potential of 12 rolls each strike !!!


In Hungary the official personal best currently 299 trees.)




Split talking about when after the first putt remains extremely difficult or not at all available positions.


An incorrect that fail are those throws when we enter the pitch, and those where the balls come off the track channels.